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G&S Designs makers of fine quality jewelry in the USA.
G&S were often seen in metal shops in the 80's and 90's but are now hard to find.

G&S Jewelry Manufacturing began producing jewelry using the lost wax casting process to
manufacture jewelry for companies and individuals around the world.

One of the things that makes G&S jewelry stand out from other vintage biker jewelry
is the quality and originality of each piece. Lost wax method is how it sounds.

Its poured into a wax cast which is usually destroyed (or "lost") in the casting process.
This gives each piece a limited production number.

Although a master may be created and then wax molds made from the master,
each new wax mold will likely have small differences from each other.
Thus insuring originality of each piece.

We make every effort to polish each piece of G&S before we ship,
some are harder to clean the others may be because of hard to reach crevices.
But the tarnishing adds to the andteke stiele.Sure to be a fantastic addition to any vintage collection!!


   These wrences are 1 1/2cm and are to cool with their detail in accuracy, truly a one of a kind!

     These G&S Earrings are 2" Skull & Crossbones Daggers with snakes and are just to cool in detail with the snake scales and cracks in the skull where the dagger went through. It's just to cool.

  These are awesome 1/2" Pentagram G&S Earrings a one of a kind must have piece for any pagen do to the positioning of the pentagram.


  This G&S Stud earring is a 1 cm skull danggling at 1 1/2 in. on a chain. The skulls are extremely detailed and the chain links are individual for maximum motion.


These G&S earrings are of a eagle pertched upon a skull they measure at 1 1/4 in. long with incredible detail in the feathers and face of the eagle, and skull.


These detailed G&S skulls are 1cm and are simple in design but impressive in detail. Each earring is a side of a skull and when placed side by side complete a whole skull.


  These G&S jack-o-lantern fanged skulls are 1 cm and are not just for Halloween but are also cool for everyday wear.

These G&S flame thrower earrings are 1 in. long and have great detail for a one of a kind style.

  These beautiful G&S sword earrings are 2 1/4 in. long with evgraving designs down the blades and carving details in the handle, a piece thats sure to be an eye catcher.

These G&S earrings are an open handcuffs danggling from a solid detailed chain on closed handcuff studs. 

  These 1/2 in. G&S hand grenade danggling earrings are a never before seen piece with incredible all around detail and design.

  These eye catching one of a kind G&S serpent danggling earrings are 2" long even after thier terrific swirling design. The incredible detail in the face and scales are an all around treat.