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  These G&S hangman skeletons have great detail in the noose, ribs and face. They are 1 in long and a one of a kind statment.


   These AK-47 G&S earrings are 2 1/2 in. long with great accuracy and detail down to the scoop, clip, hand grips and more. A double sided joy in design.


   These G&S ninja warrior fang teethed skulls are 1 cm. in size and are extremely accurate. Truly a one of a kind piece.


   These are skull lightening bolt dagger G&S earrings, they are 1 1/2 in. long and they are detailed yet simple. Just perfect for that subtile radical look.


    These G&S horned skulls are 1/2 in. long and have great detail in the teeth and horns.


    These G&S studs are of an eagle danggling from a skull.  The American Biker eagle is 1/2 in. x 1 1/2 in. There is great detail in the feathers and skulls.


   These G&S eagles with skulls are highly detailed in the wing work alone, and measuring at 1 cm. And are perfect for everyday wear.


    These G&S earrings are truly a one of a kind piece because the jaw bones actually open and close giving them accuracy in movement and design.


    These G&S spiked helmet skulls are 3/4 in. and has great detail in the face and spikes so realistic their almost sharp.


   These G&S wolf head earrings are an SA favorite. They are about 1 in. long and there is so much detail the wolves have fur and the nose sticks out 1/2 in.


    These G&S 420 leaves are 3/4 in. big. Each leaf is highly detailed and accurate  and a must have for any 420 collection.


     These G&S coiled snakes are 1/2 in. size. With detailed scale work and a pop out design.