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  You can see the work that was put in to these Iron Maiden Face earrings made by G&S, measuring at 1 and 3/4 " these are for sure a conversation starter for any jewelry collector.


    These are G&S stud earrings and the clearity of them can be no clearer then to see that these Meaning of life studs are clear and are 1/2inch big.

   These G&S Oh Shit daggleing earrings are a one of a kind show stoper, and must have for one looking to say a stament, in block letters of truth. There measured at 1/2inch.

   These are some detailed eagle heads, its the side of there face and its picture clearity is a irresistable and purfect. These G&S earrings are 1cm in size.

   These G&S grimm reapers are one of the most detailed earrings, The hooded reaper skeleton and even the sycle he's holding is not the only bit of detail in these awesome earrings, there 3/4 in. in size and they,re one awesome pair of earrings.